Noel Volk

The Headmaster for my last years at Immanuel College recently passed on from a short illness. (previous references here and here)

Contrary to popular memes, I have nothing but fond memories of Mr Volk, or Noel as he preferred I called him in 2005.

Mr Volk was one of those highly influential people in my life. He was one of a small handful of people made an impact on my persona, from an intellectual perspective. A learned man, he daily demonstrated that geeky people mattered in the world. A great man.

Ave, Mr Volk. Noel.

Thoughts are with the Volk family.

Update: November 2008: I have a scanned copy of the obit from The Advertiser

(thanks Mum for the sad info)

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  1. I was a student of Noel Volk’s as well (and just did a google search on his name after hearing that he had passed away – your website was the first one I found). I respected Mr Volk immensely and my thoughts are with his family.

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