Dear Viewers Using IE6

Dear Internet Explorer 6.0 (IE6) Users,

Only 20% of browsers in the world are still using IE6, and 22% of visitors to this site are still using IE6. IE6 is the work of the evil @basementcat. I strongly suggest you upgrade to Internet Explorer 7 or 8.

Why? Later browsers support more web sites, especially the many that are now written with Web Standards in mind. Sites designed with Web Standards render quicker as browsers do not have to magically interpret bad code.

Also, security. As Microsoft takes Internet security seriously, there are strong features in Internet Explorer 8 to stop nasty things happening.

So, please upgrade your browser.


4 thoughts on “Dear Viewers Using IE6”

  1. I posit two main groups of users who are delaying the death of IE6:

    1. “Mum and Dad” home users. Because IE is tightly integrated with Windows, I think many people have no conception that they are using an application called Internet Explorer, let alone know which version it is; all they see is Teh Interwebs.

    2. Corporate and government users with standard, locked-down desktops. These standard environments take literally years to build. Any new application or update can require up to 18 months of integration/sociability testing. And that’s not to mention the intranets that are coded to work in IE6 only. Upgrading IE6 to IE7 becomes an expensive and drawn-out exercise, and where is the ROI?


  2. My Uni (UTS; yes, it’s sad, really) still uses IE 6 across all its lab and lectern computers. The IT department lives in the Dark Ages. It’s kind of sad, coming from a TAF… Err, University of “Technology”.

  3. Ratbags website by a skeptic has a breakdown of browsers. IE6-34%, IE7-27%, Firefox-16%, rest in the mud. Of the OS’s, XP has 62%, there is obviously no filter for Vespa or whatever the O/S in use now, so I guess it is listed as Others, NT is 10%, Mac 2%. This couldn’t possibly be accurate. Still its from a Skeptic rsole?

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