To a Social Media Practitioner

Today was the last day I will appear as a "social media expert" on behalf of Microsoft. The internet and social media is mainstream, and it’s time to move on. And do my real day job: evangelising Microsoft’s developer tools.


Over the weekend, Channel 10’s Rove attempted to fist twitter, bringing in at least 1000 new Australian twitter users. A plethora of ABC celebreties are following Mark Pesce‘s lead and are joining twitter. There are 5 million Australians on Facebook. Politicians have realised the shift of power towards, and reach of the internet. There is no going back.

Over the last 2 years, and more-so with the departure of Frank Arrigo from Australia, invitations to speak at ‘social media’ conferences landed on me. Internal Microsoft teams came asking about social media asked for my advice.

None of these are a formal, measured part of my job. Sure, using the technology and being a social media practitioner will still important: but being a Social media expert is not.

So, with a little regret, from today I hand over the reigns of social media expertise and public representation to others at Microsoft.

4 thoughts on “To a Social Media Practitioner”

  1. Uncle Nick.

    Are there *really* “others at Microsoft” who will take up “the reigns of social media expertise and public representation”?

    Or is that just a polite way of saying it can’t easily be measured so ‘doesn’t pay’ therefore you must move along?

    No, don’t answer that.

  2. Uncle Dave

    Are there others that will take up the reigns? yes. Social media, as a topic on its own, has hit mainstream enough its time for me to move on.

    In terms of measurement; it’s more that I am not measured on being a social media expert for social media’s sake.

    I will continue to use ‘social media’ (I shudder at using that phrase) as a practitioner.

    Small, but subtle change.


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