understil Episode 3, “Back to the Future of Self-Immolation in the #gfc”

Thanks to all who watched this episode. Just like Stilgherrian Live in its alpha broadcasts, I am starting to get some central themes and sections for the show sorted out.

Largely ignoring the chat this time was easy thanks to the wonderful @dekrazee1; the meta-backchannel producer. Her role was to watch the chat, and forward on any questions, points or where technical glitches occurred through a special backchannel IM session.

My hobby is the study of history, so researching and talking history is fun. An intellectual challenge, keeping my non-geek synapses firing.

The flow of Episode 3

  • An hour of thematic music (ie: related to show’s topic) from the 1980s
  • Lead in video clip, again thematic and from the 1980s
  • Letters from the Previous Show
  • Luddites vs. Lollards
  • Main Topic of the Show, with a thematic video/advertisement in the middle
  • Close about 5 minutes before Stilgherrian Live’s plinky’s appear

There is a need for a call-to-action somewhere; and deeper questions during the show. Or it might be just cool to leave it as-is so people can randomly chat about random stuff.

For next time:

  • Get the recording correct!
  • Ensure video playback works, even when cued correctly
  • Up the video quality on the broadcast strean when my face is on the camera