ReMIX: 11th June

Microsoft ReMIX 2009 is being held on the 11th June at Star City, Sydney. The early-bird cheaper price ticket stuff has been extended, too.

At 4.45pm, I will be hosting a session "Sibling Rivalry or Love: Microsoft and Open source. – Nick Hodge and Friends"

Microsoft and Open source may not be identical twins, but they share an equal passion for software. A common parentage if you will: the code. Open source projects are popping up in many Microsoft’s web projects: from the adoption of jQuery to the ASP.NET MVC project.

In this session, you will discover Microsoft’s Open source offspring and the not-so-distant cousins. See which projects fit into your plans, and can dramatically improve your time-to-golive. Also, hear from local contributors to open source projects: the risk and the rewards of joining a large genetically diverse family.

By sharing in-the-field experience and anecdotes, Nick Hodge will act as a family counselor: and bring the family back together for a ReMIX reunion.

This year, the friends include:

  • John O’Brien
  • Rich Buggy
  • John BouAntoun
  • Lachlan Hardy
  • Tatham Oddie

See you at ReMIX.