Off My Soapbox of Self Righteousness

I love throwing words and venacular phrases together. This stems from the power of Split Enz to create visual imagery from common sayings. An extreme example: Another Great Divide (Judd/Finn/Rayner/Gillies)

Now how can I figure this equation, if multiplication’s the rule /
You keep subtracting me from you, and it just doesn’t add up at all

It should be further noted that there is always a Finn song for every occasion. Thanks @mediamum!

In the instance of Off My Soapbox of Self Righteousness, relates to battles and discussions that rage daily. Like all family dirty laundry, the exact nature will remain confidential.

But on a larger scale, it is my opinion that social media (whatever that is) is being misunderstood; or worse, mis-used by various less Cluetrained people. My fear is that the forces of oldskool will water down the potential for massive change that is blossoming. There are skirmishes being fought daily. The wider community does not see nor hear of these.

Sadly, those on the internal firing line are also copping friendly fire. Just sayin’

The strangeness is made more fictional when I have an internal voice that is shouting, not whispering, you’re also doing it wrong. There is a high-wire act going on in my head, and the fingers of sanity may be slowly letting go.