The long search for the perfect WPF Twitter Client. Over.

Twitter; Facebook and friends is the place where I spend most of my day. For work and play.

Separating work and play is difficult in single-column twitter clients. Enter mutliple columns, filtering as base requirements for my perfect twitter client.

Stuck in closed-source TweetDeck; or moving through a myriad of AIR based applications. Subjecting myself to unknown security issues, slow performance – and no ability to contribute – has frustrated me no end.

Then @aeoth create MahTweets. It’s MS-PL. It’s extensible (via MEF). It has IronRuby for scriptable extensibility.

It is awesome.

Use it. Contribute. Let’s make the world’s best WPF Twitter Client.

2 thoughts on “The long search for the perfect WPF Twitter Client. Over.”

  1. Nick, are you still using MahTweets? If so, how are you finding it?

    Be interested to know, as there’s so many potential options out there it’s making my head spin!

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