After leaving Year 12 (that is the final year of high school and matriculation in South Australia) my plan was to work fulltime and study accountancy parttime. A few lectures into the degree, I soon learnt I didn’t have the required attention to detail of an accountant. I dropped out. This has to be the stupidest decision I have ever made.

Fast forward to 1993. I signed on to the MBA (Technology Management) course through APESMA, and have completed 8 out of the required 12 subjects. In 1997 after completing 6 subjects, I received a Post Graduate Diploma in Technology Management from Deakin University.

The aim in 2003 is to complete the final 4 subjects pronto to get the qualification. This, along with other things going on at Adobe, will certainly make next year a very busy year. If you have a technical background, and feel the need to round out your managerial knowledge (theory, not practical of course!) and qualifications – I can highly recommend the APESMA program.