Estonian band Ruffus gets it. Their entry into the Eurovision Song Contest for Estonia was about “The 80s Coming Back”

you know they say it’s just the eighties coming back

can you feel it’s just the eighties coming back

aw i know it’s just the eighties coming

eighties coming eighties coming

eighties coming back

GPRS Munging

Posted from: Macintosh Ti PowerBook, running MacOS X 10.2.3 with Bluetooth (simpler, more integrated than Windows XP) using Optus GPRS (also more and better integrated than Windows XP). Just double-checking that this works. Seems to drop out a little quickly…

In all this talk of 1980s music, I keep forgetting that Crowded House’s Don’t Dream Its Over was released in 1987, therefore making it a 1980s classic. Neil “dontated” the song to the NZ Tourism Board in their advertising campaign for New Zealand. “In 5 days you’ll feel 100%”. Too right!


Just proving my point that the 1980s are cool: Holden are now advertising the Barina with a reworking of the 1983 hit: A-Ha’s Take on Me. Go Morton!

Can the only logical reason be that we teenagers of the 1980s are now cashed up? Are the advertisers purposely trying to use nostalgia to free us of our dollars? Does Adam Sandler’s The Wedding Singer have to answer for this new wave [hehehe], or is it my fault due to the Photoshop 6.0 Roadshow’s “1980s Music Trivia” contest?

If World War II had the same immediacy of media and information flow as we witness today – would there have been any more wars? What is it about human nature that forces people into a “dictatorship” mode and reliance on armed conflict to resolve issues? It also goes to prove the adage from WWII veterans, as reported by Ambrose, that war is hours of boredom interspersed with minutes of sheer terror.

The embedded journalists and the communications infrastructure provides an element of honesty in war. At least with the units that have journalists attached, the ability to commit “war crimes” is diminished. Media at its best.

However, the cost is the lack of “filters” and the great degree of confusion that occurs as differening qualities of information is communicated. For instance, Channel Ten News reported live on TV that Tariq Aziz had defected after the initial bombardment; this was pure rumor and proven wrong very quickly. Confirmation is important. In times like these, some of the media processes are forgotten in the fog of war.

1980s Music Lives Again

Is it wishful thinking on my behalf, or is the music of the 1980s “hip”? On Qantas flights in recent months the inflight music has been distinctly 1980s: Nena’s 99 Luft Balloons (English language version) and Tears for Fears (somewhat ironic if you are afraid of flying). Now Mitsubishi Motors (Australia) are using

gorgeous - circa 1495, from Middle French gorgias "elegant, fashionable, fond of jewelry," lit. "necklace" from Old French gorge "bosom, throat," also "something adorning the throat." From Online Etymology Dictionary

I saw this word used in relation to the new 17inch screen on the new iMacs Apple have announced. Whenever I see or hear the word, there is an instant recollection of the song You’re Gorgeous by Babybird and London. It was on the radio when Avril and I were in the UK in May 1997. The words are a little naughty so I won’t link them here. Something about a car. The root of the word is naughty enough. Isn’t language a wonderful thing?

From Apple for MacOS X users: Using and Managing Fonts in MacOS X

Happy birthday Mum.