Billy Thorpe: Australia’s Loudest Man goes Quiet

There will be many Australian sharpie Baby Boomers very quiet today. The hero of loud, Australian Rock and Roll, Billy Thorpe, died at 60 of a heart attack over night.

I wonder if in this election year, the pollies will pull a State Funeral. I hope so, as the impact his music had on that generation surpasses many who get a State funeral.

Our Brain Wiring is Evolving

Talking to the great Michael Stoddart (Stod) around the proverbial water cooler, he stated that under-25’s don’t learn the same way as us Generation-X and cusp-Baby Boomers.

Rather than learn by rote the ins-and-outs of a “new thing”, the Generation-Y’s remember the tags and “where to access” the information – knowing that if they ever need the information in the future, they’ll use the “tags” to grab the info.

Also, Generation-Y are experienced with the media-savvy breadth of info, and know how to “filter” out the noise.

Last week, Uncle Mike asked about my “take” on tags.

Now I get it – “tags” are a memory access method, a digital mnemonic.

Rote learning just doesn’t work in a stream-of-media world.

I’d love to get into the understanding of Learning; time doesn’t permit so I’ll tag it, and move on.