Silverlight, Azure go to the Mardi Gras

Fellow Australian DPE-ers, Chris Bright, Michael Kordahi and Greg Willis have been busy working on a micro- mega- project.

For the last 30 years, Sydney’s Gay and Lesbian community has paraded down Oxford Street. The Sydney Morning Herald has a library of images from the parade: and has used the Deep Zoom feature of Silverlight to display these images.

Michael Kordahi created the front-end (Silverlight) and Greg Willis architected the back-end (Azure)

Well done guys.

Using Webslice and IFrames in WebSlices

Testing only. If you are reading this, please ensure you are using Internet Explorer 8

Webslices are new consumer feature in Internet Explorer 8. You can embed simple HTML within a WebSlice that is a portion of a pre-existing page. To get IFRAMES and OBJECT to work there is a little tweaking required. Then you get Silverlight and/or Flash.

The IFRAME/OBJECT content is stripped (for security reasons) by the RSS engine in IE8. However, when displaying a unique page – things can get way more interesting.

In the example WebSlice below, I use an alternate display source. This alternate display is used as the content for the slice. This also permits smart styling in your slice; as used on‘s Webslice. The xxxx.html below is the page with the Webslice content.

<a rel="entry-content" href="xxxx.html" style="display:none;"></a>



Object Embed


Thanks to Michael Kordahi, Chris Bright and Greg Willis for the push to check this out.

Fixing (quickly) for IE8

Internet Explorer 8 beta 2 has been released. The night before a big PR thing in Melbourne (Premier of Victoria, etc) and I decided to install it on my demo laptop. Brave, yet safe move.

What about this website?

Not so good. Something is broken somewhere. In the week before TechEd 2008 I don’t have time to completely diagnose and fix the wordpress template. So, sort of like welding it together for a few weeks until things die down – it is time for a simple fix.

How can you tell? See the “broken document” icon on the right of the URL: this indicates that the site has been designed for older browsers.

IE8 Fix


There are two potential fixes. One is to click on the broken icon, and Internet Explorer will revert to Internet Explorer 7 mode.

A smarter fix for this web site is a one-line change to my template (in my case, header.php for this template)

<meta http-equiv=“X-UA-Compatible” content=“IE=EmulateIE7” />


IE8 Fix


Refreshing the site, and magically it renders correctly, and there is no “broken” document icon.

IE8 Fix