Looking for a Design Job in Australia? Learn InDesign!

According to research recently completed by the Adobe Sydney office, 88% of job advertisements for graphic designers, Mac operators requiring page layout skills require InDesign qualifications/experience.� QuarkXpress is 33%. A significant change from 5 years ago.� It portends the future for all countries!� Learn and use InDesign now.(for an external reference, check Print21 Online

InDesign and Doohickeys

John Dickinson, the master of After Effects in Australia has a blog: Motionworks Blog

Kris Coppieters from Rorohiko in Wellington, NZ sent me an email on a new set of InDesign CS2 plugins. My favourite is the Place Auto-Synchronize plugin.� As an old MacOS guy, and fondly remembering System 7’s Publish-and-Subscribe model; the Auto-Synchronize plugin brings an element of that live-ness to your InDesign placed files.