Photoshop CS3: Quick soft-edge Masking

From a John Nack’s post, through to a Business2.0 story.

From what I can see (but obviously not experience until it ships!) prepress people making masks (deep etches in AU magazine speak) are going to drool at this feature.

The Photoshop engineering team is going to have operators fall at their feet as gods: just like the healing brush.

Ship it!

Adobe Mars and Print-ready PDFs

Random question popped into my head whilst having a shower: does Adobe Mars, the new project to represent PDF as a packaged XML format, support PDF’s strong print/prepress heritage.

Things like CMYK, colorspaces, high-dpi images, Postscript fonts, trapping settings (overprint/knockout) and the Crop/Bleed boxes. All those high-tech printing things.

The short answer is yes.

(testing process: InDesign document, export as PDF 1.3, open in Acrobat 8 Professional, Save as “PDF in XML Format” using Mars plugins, re-open, check with Acrobat 8 Advanced>Print Production tools. Open SVG as text)

Printing PDF 1.4 from InDesign 2.0

Printing Acrobat 5.0/PDF1.4 Generated by Adobe InDesign 2.0. Sorry about the duration between notes here. Busy doing other, non technical stuff.

Turkey wins Eurovision 2003: On the British zero point score: “But others were less charitable, citing Jemini’s off-key performance, tacky costumes and inane lyrics.” So why did anyone score points at all? In fact, why are Iceland and Israel in the competition. They are not in Europe! In fact, isn’t Turkey barely a European country? Go Estonia

InDesign: Duotones into InDesign

This has been in my head for a while: InDesign 2.0: Photoshop, Duotones into InDesign

In my time I have seen various ‘complaints’ that Adobe does not publish the specifications for the PDF (Portable Document Format) in a timely fashion – thereby gaining market advantage. Well, the Draft PDF Reference, Version 1.5 is available before Acrobat 6.0 ships! Whilst this is a Draft version, and subject to change, it does go to show that we are a friendlier company than some people claim.

Now, at 1107 pages in length – its not going to be a read for all of us!