Just Blame the Phones.

There have been some calls to ban mobile phones at schools:

There are calls for mobile phones to be banned at schools, because of concerns they’re being used by students to film violent behaviour.

Thankfully, John Della-Bosca says:

NSW Education Minister John Della Bosca says the overwhelming majority of students use the technology responsibility with family and parental consent.

My thinking is that banning phones and cameras will not reduce violence. In fact, it may increase it as the “physical bullies” could act without evidence being collected.

How about stopping the violence in the first place?

From Skynews:

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg. Short term suggestion is to collect mobile phones in morning, and return in the evening. Says that what NSW is doing isn’t working. Seems to be talking about the victims of cyber-bullying; compounds sense of humiliation of the victims; and talks about the costs.

Videos done out of school. Technique called “acceptable use policies”. Jurisdiction of the schools to police it. Parents should be, but cannot, monitor what is going on. Someone has to be the voice of reason. Someone has to police it.