atNickHodge Episode 11: @zuzu Punk Rock Changed My Life

An excellent ROCKING PUNK ROCK show with Susan MacGillivray (@zuzu on twitter)

A further piece of homework for you all is this 1991 documentary. Also this Bob Rock interview about Vancouver Punk Scene.

OK, I stuffed up the most important thing at the beginning – audio (embarrassing as @fang and I had discussed this earlier in the day); but thankfully deks caught that and I fixed it on the fly. @zuzu was such a great guest: she spent the last 6 days collating data after work ready for the show. And obviously she had plenty of stories to tell.

Another great thing was seeing @zuzu reconnect with her old Vancouver Punk scene friends over the internets.

@zuzu has an excellent post detailing why she chose the following songs in her MIX

To revisit the scene, here are a list of @zuzu’s PICK-and-MIX:

Band Song
Clash Clash City Rockers
Ramones Pinhead
XRay Spex The Day the World Turned Dayglo
Husker Du Whatever
DOA Hardcore 81
The Damned Neat Neat Neat
Young Canadians Hawaii

Siouxie and the Banshees

Hong Kong Garden
Dead Kennedys Hyperactive child
Joy Division Digital
Germs Manimal
Slow Against the Glass
Descendents I Like Food
Iggy Pop I Wanna Be Your Dog
Modernettes Barbra
The Cramps Tear It Up
Wire Ex Lion Tamer
Rezillos Somebody’s Gonna Get Their Head Kicked in Tonight
Buzzcocks Boredom
Killing Joke Wardance
Minutemen This aint no picnic
Dead Kennedys Holiday in Cambodia
Black Flag Depression (with Ron)
X Jonny Hit and Run Pauline
Stiff Little Fingers Suspect Device