Groundhog Day in New Zealand

Literal Groundhog Day in New Zealand.

Fly to Auckland on 6.30pm flight Monday evening. Arrive at hotel at 12:45am. Up and awake at 6:00am for a 12 hour day of Acrobat 7.0 Roadshow. Mid-afternoon, the Skycity Convention Centre is evacuated after our room starts to fill with water and the fire alarms sound.

To the airport, and attempt to be smart by catching a 6:00pm flight to Wellington. Take off OK, and almost arrive on Wellington airport. About 50m from the ground, landing is aborted due to weather and we’re off back to Auckland.

Arrive Auckland 8:15pm, and placed on a rescheduled flight to Wellington. Within 10 minutes, this flight is cancelled too. We’re grounded in Auckland until the morning.

After some scrambling, we find a hotel (of sorts) and check in at 10:30pm. After 2.5 hours of email and reports, sleep for 4 hours and awake at 5:30am for an 8:00am flight to Wellington.

At the airport, and the 7:00am flight to Wellington is still waiting for weather clearance in Wellington. By 8:00am, we find out Wellington airport is closed until at least 4:00pm. Wellington this New Zealand trip is cancelled.

Three days, about 9 hours sleep.

Oh the glamorous life in the Jet-set.

CNBC Appearance, Videa

The document containing links of interesting video stuff is also online..Had an interesting experience in mid-November: I was interviewed on live TV. CNBC Asia has a program called “e”; Keith Liu anchors this program that is broadcast from Singapore. Trial by fire … no room for mistakes. I think I lost 5 years off the end of my life!