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Sick of pointing and clicking? Want to go back to your roots and type in your web commands. Go Yub Nub.

If you are a professional working with video, audio, DVD etc : Adobe announces Production Studio with new versions of After Effects (Windows and Mac) 7.0, Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0, Adobe Audition 2.0, Adobe Encore DVD 2.0; Introduces Adobe Dynamic Link; and Delivers Advanced Flash Video Support.

More Stuff

OK here we go. 4 new products. 2 new versions of classics, and 2 completely new Adobe applications.

AfterEffects is for MacOS X 10.2, Windows 2000 or XP. The following applications are Windows only

  • Adobe Premiere Pro: more editing, less rendering. Picture in picture is way easier. (no more having to be a rocket scientist with Picture-in-Picture)
  • Adobe EncoreDVD: wow! this is a fun product; easily create DVDs
  • Adobe Audition: This is the result of Adobe’s purchase of Cool Edit Pro. I’ve been using this today to clean up some old audio tracks I had lying around. Wow.

Video (Windows Media Player 9) of the Sydney MINI2 Meet 18 May 03 here: MINI2 Video, 18th May 2003. Created with Adobe Premiere Pro, of course.

Adobe’s vision for the Enterprise: Intelligent Document Architecture

CNBC Appearance, Videa

The document containing links of interesting video stuff is also online..Had an interesting experience in mid-November: I was interviewed on live TV. CNBC Asia has a program called “e”; Keith Liu anchors this program that is broadcast from Singapore. Trial by fire … no room for mistakes. I think I lost 5 years off the end of my life!