Thinking Thursday

In a strange confluence of the digital universe, two of Australia’s leading internet thinkers: Stilgherrian (Stilgherrian Live) and Cameron Reilly (G’Day World Live); conducted live broadcasts last night.

The round out the seriousness, I broadcast and recorded my second “Stilgherrian’s Understudy” show

Some forwarning. I do swear. I do use technical words. Great music is included, and I do dis my present employer. And I have much to learn with this broadcasting caper; including getting thoughts out clearer. Almost scripted. Thanks to @stilgherrian for the inspiration.

Things for next time:

  • Music correctly sequenced at the beginning, and thematic
  • Opening sting of some sort
  • Don’t drop words, and put thoughts into clear linear thoughts.
  • White balance at the beginning
  • Animate and vocalise more
  • Deliver jokes better
  • Determine a mechanism to make it true Q&A (maybe questions beforehand)
  • Learn switching process between videos and camera to make smoother
  • The recording does something weird at 19:34 when I played the music video

Want to be famous? Go large at Virtual TechEd 2007


Virtual TechEd will be at TechEd Australia. This is a major coup as Microsoft continues to evolve the TechEd format.

As you can see from the existing content on Virtual TechEd, if you have something to say to the world: now is the time to stand up and be interviewed!

Comment here/send me an email and we’ll schedule you in.

Also, I’ll be at the Blogger’s lounge with video camera, laptop and a wireless connection. Come and have a chat!

Alive at Pamplona

Hey, Jeffa The Geek Stories has the scoop, before The New Inventors: watch the interview with the Alive Tec CEO Bruce Satchwell – that blue device attached to the patient is made on the Gold Coast!

Emailing Bruce last night, apart from complementing me on my sharp eyes and good memory – he also broke the news that Alive’s Web Developer, Tim Hilliard, is wearing the monitor for the running of the bulls in Pamplona in a couple of weeks.

Alive  have made a very crude map of the bull run route using Windows Live maps.

Map view!130&encType=1

Birdseye view!130&encType=1

Youtube video of the run in 2006

I hope this doesn’t end in tears.

Beginning of Gonzo Video Journalism

A unique program on the ABC 10 years ago, John Safran ruled.

“Race Around the World” pitted amateur videographers against each other, as they traveled around the world getting stories.

Handicams, simple editing and excellent stories pre-dated the intraweb pseudo-stars doing long-form interviews or strapping a camera to their head.

Go have a look at John Safran’s work:

In 1997, the ABC gave John Safran, “Australia’s most exciting guerilla filmmaker”, his big break on Race Around The World. Although he came last in the competition, it’s not too hard to fathom why he won the popular vote, with these submissions: Don’t screw with the rules in Japan, The ambulance chaser (Mumbai), Anarchy in the Renault family hatchback (Bristol), The right to bare grudges (Cote d’Ivoire), Mum I’m not Jewish any more (Cote d’Ivoire), Father Pino vs the Devil (Sicily), Mohammad’s guide to busting a move (Lebanon), Football’s my religion (Jerusalem), The series of unfortunate events and The happiest place on earth, my butt (Disneyland).

via: Metafilter