Crowded House Ad for MSN thanks to Google


The above blog post obviously shows Neil Finn at a recent LA gig from Crowded House.

“Ads by Google” on the right show a Crowded House advertisement. From Why didn’t MSN come to me directly and rid themselves of the middleman? I would, and have, posted about this concert for free! Now google are getting a cut!

Sadly, I will miss this concert as I’ll be in Japan on holiday. I am sure I’ll be able to watch replays across the broadband.

Dave Mustaine, Megadeath, likes Crowded House


Dave Mustaine, lead singer of Megadeth.  In a column called My List, artists share what songs mean a lot of them and Mr. Mustaine chose Crowded House’s “Don’t Dream It’s Over” as his #1 pick.

“I hear this wherever I go,” says Mustaine of the melancholy love song off the Aussie’s band’s 1986 debut.  “I could be having the absolute worst time, but I hear this and it brightens my day.”

This is Crowded House all over. One listen to Neil Finn and my day gets brighter, too, Dave.

Dates for Crowded House Album, Singles

Crowded House will be releasing their first studio album since 1993’s
Together Alone this summer, which includes two tracks featuring Smiths
legend Johnny Marr.
Time On Earth will be released on July 2nd and will be preceded by the
single Don’t Stop Now on June 25th.

Source: Crowded House Album to Feature Johnny Marr

And full album track-list here:

‘Nobody Wants To’
‘Don’t Stop Now’
‘She Called Up’
‘Say That Again’
‘Pour Le Monde’
‘Even A Child’
‘Heaven That I’m Making’
‘Silent House’
‘English Trees’
‘Walked Her Way Down’
‘Transit Lounge’
‘You Are The One to Make Me Cry’
‘A Sigh’
‘People Are Like Suns’

Crowded House, March 2007 Webcast


In the middle ages of the web, Neil Finn hosted a webcast from his studio somewhere in Auckland. Avril and I watched, emailed and listened to Neil do our request and song online. This was in stark contrast to the very personal concert to the massive 1996 Farewell to the World show only 5 years earlier.


This morning, the reformed Crowded House webcast from Peter Gabriel’s UK studios (yes, that Peter Gabriel). Evidently, Peter was serving canapes and red wine outside the studio for the attendees.


Sometimes music is like sausages; you love the end result but never want to see what goes into the making. Watching Crowded House in these early stages of formation where it was a little loose could have put off an unsuspecting watcher.


Generally, people who write poetry or music when younger lose their edge when older. Life has stabilised, and there is little occuring that tugs the emotion strings of the lyricist. Neil and the band have had the tragic death of Paul Hester to deal with; and this flows through the new songs. From what I heard, the chord progressions are typically obtuse Neil but strangely the lyrics have a directness, not heard in recent Finn works.


The vibe was relaxed, the band feels like a bunch of old friends getting together. I hope this reformation is a cathartic experience for all; and the demons can be exorcised.