Third Best New Zealander…

After Neil Finn, JD comes Nas. She is smart and really funny.

She’s started her blog, Flickr’ng and met her hero all in the same week. Not to mention something with fish. Here she is choosing lunch, or finding Nemo. Or probably both.

Mmmm, fish

WPF and Silverlight for Designers. Removing the “bloke-i-ness” of Silverlight and making it real.  Excellent topic Nas.  I am watching!

Stephen Price, a WACOM Tablet and Popfly:

Monday morning at ReMIX. Coffee hadn’t quite kicked in. I wandered over to a man standing, rather bemused, near the wall. Stephen Price. He was all the way from Perth on an overnight flight (read: 2 hours sleep). Steve’s card has cute cartoons.  A .Net developer in the daytime and a cartoonist in “his shed”

Stephen let me use the following cartoon in my Popfly session:


Cut to midday Monday. I draw his name out of a hat as a winner of a WACOM Bamboo tablet. Steve was over the moon: although he wasn’t quite sure if it would help or hinder his cartooning.

Popfly geek

Later on Monday night, as I left WebJam, Stephen was still going shooting aliens in some game at Galactic Circus. 

ReMIX 2007 ReDUX, Melbourne Australia

auremix07 013

Left to Right is Paul Jenkins, Blue Monster  and Will Hughes

XAML Expression Xbox Silverlight ImagineCup Elvis WillHughes WebJam MediaCenter BlueMonster Carousels Vista Glass Expression Photoshop Blend AJAX .NET Popfly Panels

Nigel Parker:

Cameron Reilly interviews Brian Goldfarb on G’Day World:


JD: ,  and is my current second favourite NZ-er after Neil Finn. Smart and understated. )

Max Design:

Steven Price:

Geek Glue:


Brad Howarth:


Lee Brimelow: and and source code:



Impressions Scholarcast:

Will Hughes, lately famous of the above image:

BigScreen Blog:!78533A1A2E078194!499.entry?beid=cns!78533A1A2E078194!499&d=1&wa=wsignin1.0. Note: the Windows Media Center + app rocks. Just rocks!

Dr Neil:

Jonathan Parker:



Mr WPF, Joseph Cooney:

Frankarr: Agenda, or posterity

Videos from ReMIX 07, Postmix:

Things to remember for next year’s ReMIX:

  1. Party down in a better venue, where there is no refurbishments.
  2. Improve gender balance of presenters. Fat, Forty-year-old Fellas don’t own the web!
  3. Do more “industry” web things in the agenda (thanks Susan from JWT).
  4. Food and service excellent from Crown Promenade.  Even Lee Brimelow agrees
  5. Podcast/videocast?
  6. WebJam needs to be explained better beforehand, although it will be a brand by next ReMIX.
  7. More lounges, more power points and free wireless. For the love-of-god, free wireless. See lolcat below for the visually minded.
  8. Twitter-ers anonymous corner where we can meatspace each other
  9. Integrate ImagineCup a little tighter into ReMIX as an event.
  10. It’s not designer vs / and / or / with developer. It’s making great online things that does meaningful stuff for the users. All sorts of people are involved in this; from infrastructure architects to ux people. Need end result back to back-of-envelope plans explained.
  11. Innovate your Web Knowledge. WTF? And don’t get me started on people_ready.

netcat on no free wifi at ReMIX:

ImagineCup Australia specific posts:!5D73BE0B4076E647!2707.entry

Neil Finn Lyric Server goes Mashup


The Microsoft PopFly alpha can make you lose three days. In a good way. I haven’t had so much fun since, well, Photoshop maybe.

I’ve created a public PopFly “Block” called NeilFinnLyrics (now shared) this is bare, bare bones. It simply uses the new REST interface to the Random Neil Finn Lyric Server.  The Lyric Server supports SOAP/WSDL, and normal image insertion.

PopFly is social programming: drag and drop blocks onto the page, and create your own mashups of data. Adding Neil Finn’s Lyrics to the data that can be mashed up is just another step in getting the words out there. My love for Neil Finn knows almost no bounds.

neilfinnatic 004

Writing a Block with the current Alpha requires knowledge of JavaScript and XML. And a little bit of patience.

Come have a chat at ReMIX to discuss where you may also profit from PopFly. The first thing that should be created is a branded PopFly Superannuation Block. Thoughts?

AUReMIX07 Silverlight Video


Watch the video here of Frank Arrigo and Monique Eagles here. Yes, you will need to install Silverlight.

This is my first experiment with Silverlight and the Microsoft Expression set of tools. Using the inbuilt players in Media Encoder saved many days/hours of hand coding; yet I am sure there is more in there that will tickle out over coming weeks.

NOTE: Silverlight 1.1 is alpha-release!

Workflow (all on Vista Ultimate):

  • Edited footage in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
  • Export Sequence from Premiere Pro using Adobe Media Encoder 960×720 WMV9/WMA9, very light compression.
  • Import into Microsoft Expression Media Encoder (May preview)
  • Export footage as VC-1 Web Server High Speed (using a normal web server). This setting is 640×480. Obviously, I could compress this more.
  • Edit the Default.html to correctly reference EmePlayer.js (note: this got me for an hour. Linux web servers are case-sensitive, and the Default.html points to emeplayer.js. 404! Bug reported)
  • FTP files to directory onto (could have used Expression Web, but I was debugging the problem with upper/lower case file naming above)

Thoughts? Comments?  I only have Silverlight 1.1 alpha installed. I’ve tested in Windows IE/FireFox and MacOS X 10.4 Safari/Firefox. The Mac’s audio might be out-of-sync. Again, this is reported.


48 hours in Melbourne: AURemix07

Crown Promenade

The Crown Promenade is a good hotel. Above is a view of my hotel room late last week. You are a walk away from losing your cash playing poker in the casino; a little further away from Southbank eateries.  Oh, and Melbourne does the best coffee outside Venice, in my book.

Now imagine never seeing outside, and joining the glitterati of the Australian Web Design community at Australia’s first ReMIX. User Experience, Expression, Silverlight and keynotes from US personages.

To keep up with the fun and frolic, you can also join the Twitter:

Come join us!