AUReMIX07 Silverlight Video


Watch the video here of Frank Arrigo and Monique Eagles here. Yes, you will need to install Silverlight.

This is my first experiment with Silverlight and the Microsoft Expression set of tools. Using the inbuilt players in Media Encoder saved many days/hours of hand coding; yet I am sure there is more in there that will tickle out over coming weeks.

NOTE: Silverlight 1.1 is alpha-release!

Workflow (all on Vista Ultimate):

  • Edited footage in Adobe Premiere Pro 2.0
  • Export Sequence from Premiere Pro using Adobe Media Encoder 960×720 WMV9/WMA9, very light compression.
  • Import into Microsoft Expression Media Encoder (May preview)
  • Export footage as VC-1 Web Server High Speed (using a normal web server). This setting is 640×480. Obviously, I could compress this more.
  • Edit the Default.html to correctly reference EmePlayer.js (note: this got me for an hour. Linux web servers are case-sensitive, and the Default.html points to emeplayer.js. 404! Bug reported)
  • FTP files to directory onto (could have used Expression Web, but I was debugging the problem with upper/lower case file naming above)

Thoughts? Comments?  I only have Silverlight 1.1 alpha installed. I’ve tested in Windows IE/FireFox and MacOS X 10.4 Safari/Firefox. The Mac’s audio might be out-of-sync. Again, this is reported.


14 thoughts on “AUReMIX07 Silverlight Video”

  1. Dave
    firstly, thanks for watching 🙂

    VC-1 encoding and the speedy code on decode. Not bad for alpha code.

    Can you tell me the browser/platform? Ta

  2. Installed the Silverlight beta and gave it a whirl. Nothing. Tried again and the same. Then I had a brainwave that “this is MS tech” and thought I should therefore try in MSIE 6.0 (on my PC) instead of Firefox 2.

    Video started disturbingly quickly. Flushed my cache and verified the speed with a second viewing. Quite impressive!

    Screen size was on max area and motion interlacing in the video was visible. I downsized the MSIE window and it was much better / resolved. Hard to know how to set the video to 100% size for an exact match for pixels on playback.

    Video content was otherwise smooth. Did you have this at the full 25fps?

    Look forward to it being able to run on Firefox.

  3. @Andrew Smith: This should definitely be working on Firefox – in fact, it should work on Firefox or Safari on Mac as well. I have seen it working on Firefox (not Nick’s specific video, but other Silverlight videos).

    @Nick: looking swish – although had a chuckle that you are hosting it on a linux server even though the cross-platform support for Silverlight is Win/Mac. 🙂

  4. @Andrew Smith
    – yes, I noticed the interframe interlacing. going to work on this over the next few days

    – video should work in FF2

    – the UI of the player is simple, with not all the niceties of 100%/200% size etc. Going to experiment with different players now I know the EmePlayer/emeplayer case bug in the May release

    – Video kept at 25 fps all the way through.

  5. @AndrewParsons: never really thought through the irony. Now you explain it, you’re right. This is a whole different Microsoft!

  6. Interesting side note: bug in filename uppercase/lowercase noted and fixed. Video Mac performance noted by the engineers, too.

  7. Hi all. Video now playing in FF2 here. Perhaps it just required a restart of the browser?

    Again, most incredibly impressive and will possibly give flash video a fun for its money. …. and this is coming from someone who isn’t terribly biased towards Microsoft.

  8. Phillip

    These buttons are the next/previous chapter buttons. As I haven’t defined chapters, they go nowhere.

    Note this template is from Expression Media Encoder, not self-written… so finding out was a matter of digging through the XAML of the player.xaml


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