Stephen Price, a WACOM Tablet and Popfly:

Monday morning at ReMIX. Coffee hadn’t quite kicked in. I wandered over to a man standing, rather bemused, near the wall. Stephen Price. He was all the way from Perth on an overnight flight (read: 2 hours sleep). Steve’s card has cute cartoons.  A .Net developer in the daytime and a cartoonist in “his shed”

Stephen let me use the following cartoon in my Popfly session:


Cut to midday Monday. I draw his name out of a hat as a winner of a WACOM Bamboo tablet. Steve was over the moon: although he wasn’t quite sure if it would help or hinder his cartooning.

Popfly geek

Later on Monday night, as I left WebJam, Stephen was still going shooting aliens in some game at Galactic Circus. 

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  1. Sriram– search for NeilFinn. Very simple to explain the block concept; and the metadata/semantics of urls/strings/latitude etc. –Nick

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