Thinking Thursday

In a strange confluence of the digital universe, two of Australia’s leading internet thinkers: Stilgherrian (Stilgherrian Live) and Cameron Reilly (G’Day World Live); conducted live broadcasts last night.

The round out the seriousness, I broadcast and recorded my second “Stilgherrian’s Understudy” show

Some forwarning. I do swear. I do use technical words. Great music is included, and I do dis my present employer. And I have much to learn with this broadcasting caper; including getting thoughts out clearer. Almost scripted. Thanks to @stilgherrian for the inspiration.

Things for next time:

  • Music correctly sequenced at the beginning, and thematic
  • Opening sting of some sort
  • Don’t drop words, and put thoughts into clear linear thoughts.
  • White balance at the beginning
  • Animate and vocalise more
  • Deliver jokes better
  • Determine a mechanism to make it true Q&A (maybe questions beforehand)
  • Learn switching process between videos and camera to make smoother
  • The recording does something weird at 19:34 when I played the music video

3 thoughts on “Thinking Thursday”

  1. I thought you did very well. While you’ve identified some scope for improvement there, you may be being a little harsh on yourself. 😉

    I reckon you’re also discovering that it’s hard to find the balance between “sticking to the script” and interacting with the people in the text chat. I’m still finding that myself.

    I reckon the trick is to have it planned, at least in the sense of choosing to finish a particular “short arc” before going to a burst of interaction, and then getting into the next arc. That is, resist the temptation to look at and respond to the chat until you’ve finished the one thought you started.

  2. I thought it was great! Lots of fun.

    One suggestion – the chat gets pretty busy. It’s hard for me to keep up with it, and I ain’t presenting. What about getting an ‘assistant’ to pull out the relevant bits to your discussion and setting that aside for you? Any one could do this remotely, via IM me thinks.

    Looking forward to next week’s!

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