My bogus RSS Feed

Firstly, an apology to all those who have been receiving my bogus RSS feeds over the last week or so.

Essentially, due to complexity in my feed pipes: from WordPress through Yahoo Pipes to Feedburner caused the echoes of posts. I had recently updated the Feedburner plugin in WordPress and oddities in my Feedburner configuration left a textual hall-of-mirros.

Thanks to @duncanriley, @Tuna and a special call out to @suewaters for bring this to my attention.

RSS is the new Black. Microformats are next.

Taking a leaf from Munge Brother, Uncle Mike, RSS is the new black. Yes, I am a little slow in realising this fact.

With a multitude of sites where my stuff is stored: it’s time to munge them all into one UberFeed. My main feed remains

Using Feedjumbler, I’ve got a combined feed going into Feedburner. Now why doesn’t Feedburner offer this service? Yes, it has Flickr and style connections. But what about, soapbox and so on? Why not just list all your incoming feeds in one place and output them in a smart way?

So, I had to choose between learning Yahoo!Pipes, write my own munger or use FeedJumbler. Due to time factors, FeedJumbler won out today.

Munging microformats together, without being an XML weenie, is a potential use for Pipes; or at least getting somone who is a little Pipes savvy to make a widget for a site. My head spins just thinking about this (or is it the lack of caffiene?)

That said, the more I look at Yahoo!Pipes, the more I am intruiged by its metaphor, and the potential uses in wiring stuff together. My brain is so mangled (munged?) this Saturday I am putting off learning until my head is clear.

RSS implemented on mungenetengine

Thanks for the morning diversion, Chris. The RSS 0.92 Feed feed is now correct.

One of the pleasures of all this travel for Adobe is being able to visit my favourite place in the world – west coast of the North Island of New Zealand. At the beginning of the current roadshow, I took Jane Brady and Tim Cole to Piha and Kare Kare: Tim Cole, Jane Brady and Nick Hodge in New Zealand