MINI, Travel

I miss my family. And my MINI. In that order. 14 hours in economy from LAX to SYD, and according to Qantas last night – the flight is at 100% capacity. Oh joy oh bliss.


Now in Sydney, watching the sun rise over the CBD. Thanks to Qantas, got a late-stage upgrade to business class. Watched A Beautiful Mind, and slept for about 10 hours on the flight. In Sydney for all of three hours, then off to Auckland, New Zealand.

Now in cool, wintery Auckland, New Zealand. Some 30 hours after leaving San Jose, California

As my hosting provider is adding some level of Java support soon, and its a language that is becoming increasingly “hip” at Adobe, I’ve installed Tomcat 4.0 ready to rock and roll. The last time I seriously touched Java was back in my Apple days with WebObjects 4.0. It feels like getting back into a pair of comfortable shoes.

Travel Overload

Another day, another flight. The plan: 2 hours at San Jose “international” airport. 1 hour flight San Jose to LAX. 5 hours layover. 14 hours LAX to Sydney. 3 hours layover. 3 hours Sydney to Auckland. Total = 29 hours “on the road”. Yes, sports fans, jetsetting is a glamorous lifestyle of the rich and famous. And what makes it worse: I have about 467,000 Qantas Freaky Flyer points – and its impossible to do anything with them.

For those in New Zealand, I’ll see you at Printtech 2002. You will find me at the Fuji-Xerox stand doing mini-training courses on InDesign 2.0.

I love visiting New Zealand. It has to be the most beautiful place in the world. Thankfully, I get to visit as a part of my job. When I told my friends at Adobe US I “was off to NZ” after this visit to the US, they were all amazed… Kia Kaha!

Ok, this is coolness. Sitting in the terminal @ San Jose International Airport – wirelessly online and able to send emails. Alan Rosenfeld and I are now so sick of the musak we’ve got our headphones on and are doing work. Alan is listening to African music wishing he was still on holiday. I am listening to Neil Finn – to get into a NZ mood. Saturday in San Jose, Monday in Auckland.