Trip to US

Back from the US, so much to talk about.

As you have read or seen, Adobe announced new versions of Adobe Illustrator (now version 10) and InDesign (now version 2). To me, InDesign is the most exciting. I have been doing tests to various RIPs of output, experimenting with Spot colours and transparency. It rocks, and will change publishing more than any other application since QuarkXpress 3.32

Something non-Adobe related. I have recently taken possession of a Titanium PowerBook G4 with MacOS X 10.1 installed. At Seybold I saw AppleScript Studio: a good mind meld between NeXT s excellent developer tools (now incarnate in Cocoa) and AppleScript. The more customers Apple get using these tools, the better future for the company. This is a developer s dream operating system. I’ve installed PHP and also purchased ScriptDebugger to do more in the scripting realm.