XMLRPC, PHP, AppleScript

Completed some very small example projects using XML-RPC. Clients in Visual Basic, PHP and AppleScript – and a server in PHP

As a part of the next roadshow these examples will be shown to all and sundry — I will also post the code here for perusal. MySQL is a part of this project as well. I have it installed under MacOS X 10.1 and Windows 2000.

PHP, whilst an excellent scripting language for server-side HTML scripts, I can understand why it is easy to mix up your presentation (HTML) with code (PHP) and loose track of your project. Even with objects and external include files, it lacks the MVC (Model-View-Controller) paradigm that is required for good OO and maintainability. Maybe its time to brush up on the Java skills?


Time to try out XML-RPC as an alternative to SOAP Spec. Its not that its too difficult, its just that getting two different clients to operate to the same server the same way seems… harder than it should be. Also, the PHP class that I am using has little to no documentation.
11.30pm: I am amazed at how fast you can get stuff working with XMLRPC as compared to SOAP. There is an added level of complexity in the SOAP protocol that gets in the way of doing simple client-server communications.
Spent today with a collegue, Aaron, at Agfa. Aaron tested out printing high quality artwork from Illustrator 10 and InDesign 2.0. Specifically looking at transparency effects and spot colours. We successfully RIPped the files to PDF (using the Normaliser) and separated them to 7-plates (on purpose). Even the in-RIP trapping engine successfully trapped the files.