Additional iPhone Thoughts and Notes

  • The “Apple” icon sits in front of the iPhone and tv. (yes, lower case). It seems Apple in deeply committed to rebranding as a consumer brand. New iPods, when they announce this year, will also be dramatically changed.
  • The iPhone is most likely a platform on which future high-end iPods will be released. The OS, as stated by Apple, is MacOS X. Essentially Apple have a common base OS from their multi-CPU boxes to the smallest device: in total control of the UI/UX. Or maybe smaller-configuration Mac tablets?
  • The only successful service Apple has is the iTunes store, which sells nearly 60 songs per second. In a connected world of desktops to phones, online services become more critical to tie things together. Both Google and Yahoo! were onstage with Steve at the keynote. There is more to come, here.
  • The target market is the current iPod user, not the standard Mac user. There are way more iPod users in the world than Mac users.
  • Apple has some surprises in Leopard to tie iPhone into the OS. Some people are thinking that there are components of the iPhone that will be in the desktop Leopard.
  • Can it do VoIP? The Wifi would lend itself to this. Breaking the lock on current carriers would be revolutionary. I suspect Apple is going to start out with carrier’s help and breakout. Or, they could test hardware-only sales in free-er 3G markets (Asia, Europe) where there is no lock-in.
  • The specs on the camera are not specified, apart from “2 Megapixels”
  • The operating system market from phones is rather saturated, but Apple could license this OS as there is no substantial potential revenue loss (if they did this with MacOS, they are risking their hardware revenues)
  • The whole experience of using the phone (as a piece of hardware) puts all other interfaces to shame. This alone will benefit all phone users as Nokia et al struggle to make their phones work like an iPhone.

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