Crowded House Reforming for a World-wide Tour

Not quite sure how I feel about this: Door opens for Crowded House.

Would I go to a concert? Yes. Would I buy any new material recorded and released? Yes. Would I think that this is the old Crowdies? Probably not. You could probably call me a Crowded House fundamentalist, in a way. Anyway, it’s early days and I can be converted.

After further thought and consideration, it’s about the music. Life goes on, and history will never repeat.

5 thoughts on “Crowded House Reforming for a World-wide Tour”

  1. Agreed – is Crowded House the same without Paul? Ultimately thats why Neil called it quits right?
    I’d need more details before i’d buy a ticket. Who else is on the bill? Mark Hart? If not then forget it.. Tim? Well thats probably a given. How bout Eddie Raynor?

  2. Mark Hart was the keyboardist in the last 12 months of the Crowdies, and formally joined the band. “The quiet American”. For a UK tour, they’d would have to include Tim as the major songs from their major UK album Woodface are Neil + Tim. US, not so much. Eddie was more of a journeyman keyboardist @ the beginning.

    I have many thoughts over Paul, his death, and the impact it has had on many people. Best left unsaid, I reckon.

  3. Neil Finn stated they are “cross all borders”.

    That said, Neil Finn will always be a NZer to me, dude.

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