Rent Microsoft Office for AU$25/year (buy for AU$75)

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Yes, I work for Microsoft. Let’s get that out of the way. The above link will find me, but please don’t send me OEM offers.

Every day I get spam’d to buy OEM Microsoft and Adobe products. For prices ranging from US$10 to US$175, and I can get Office or Adobe Creative Suite on some el-cheapo burnt CD from a fly-by night dodgy-brothers organisation based in a country that doesn’t exist in my school atlas. Thankfully, gmail and the corporate spam filters grab these bogus OEM offers and push the bits into email limbo. As my dad said, anything too cheap is always too good to be true.

As an Australian University Student, would you buy Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate for a year’s use at AU$25? Or the license for life for AU$75?

This is a brave effort by my current employer. Not just for the pricing and delivery method: but  more for the reaction of students seeing Office at price that has been polluting the email system for the last 2 years. Students, a majority being some of the first of the Generation-Yers, have pretty keen senses of what is legit and what is not. 

Will emails flow through their human spam filters?

4 thoughts on “Rent Microsoft Office for AU$25/year (buy for AU$75)”

  1. I don’t know that it’s the spam pricing that is doing it. My money would be on OpenOffice which does the job and is otherwise a no-brainer (aka free) for cash strapped consumers.

    On thing is for sure …. Hardly Normals will be advertising this *amazing* new price for MS Office with the fine print revealing (as usual) that it’s only for the academic version. Anybody else gets to suffer from sticker shock.


  2. I’ve noticed that Officeworks do a similar thing, although there is now the Home + Student, which is new for 2007.

    If consumers are cash strapped, uni students are even more so.

  3. Why would you want to buy an accademic version from the store though when you can get the Ultimate version from for less? I think it’s generally about $175 in stores for the academic version isn’t it? That $100 you saved can go towards supporting your student lifestyle (and yes, by that I mean you can spend it on beer!)

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