20th Century Charging kills 21st Communication

Twitter to/from SMS suspended for Australia: http://twitter.com/blog/2007/04/twitter-down-under.html

I’m with Leslie: the mobile phone networks in Australia suk0Rz. Big time. The devices are like bricks in pretty colours and think the world revolves around some backend that locks you in via your goolies.

There is all this talk about open source software, open source protocols, open source content, open source file formats – yet we have no alternative and freedom in the airwaves. Ham radio isn’t going to cut it.

TCP/IP is going to be everywhere one day. It isn’t going to matter what device you have. You’ll be online streaming up and down “stuff”

Oh well, thanks to Twitteresce, It’s not so bad. (ooh, 0.6. Time to upgrade)

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