Dear Norris Carter, Pierric Beckert



Dear Norris Carter (General Manager, Loyalty Programs, Qantas) and Pierric Beckert (Managing Director, American Express)

Note with interest that you have sent me a fake/promotional credit card in the mail. Obviously as a direct mail campaign to attempt to get me to use your products: Qantas and AMEX respectively.

How many trees did you kill to send this piece of direct mail out? Not to say the environmental damage in the plastics in the fake card.

Yes, I have said it is OK to send me direct mail when I signed up for AMEX some years ago – but recalling having said “no more direct mail” with either of your organisations in the recent 2 years. (see previous post on this matter)

I am expecting someone to call me at home, on my unlisted phone number, between the hours of 6pm and 8pm sometime during the week commencing 1st May telling me the additional benefits of the card and why I should spend AU$395 for an AU$100,000 (subject to credit approval criteria). I will politely point them to this blog post.

Again I repeat: I use your products often. But now you are just pestering me for no reason. Your databases will show I have been “sold up” or “cross sold” to exactly zero AMEX products. Zero. I am now costing you more than you make from me.

Time to move on in your marketing campaigns, guys. Direct mail is old school.


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