Silk Charm Pixie Dust

I spent an excellent 50 minutes of my weekend listening to this Podcast from Uncle Dave and Uncle Mike: Laurel Papworth, Social Networking Strategist

Laurel and I had breakfast to catch up on similar topics in March this year:

The podcast is a more insightful conversation with Laurel, an expert in Social networks and more importantly, online communities.

Discussion points from the conversation:

  • Online identities. Sustainability and security of identity.  What happens when the social network service falters? Web 2.0 bust up impact digital identity. Part of identity.
  • Mike Seyfang referred to a podcast containing a comment from NetAlert. “Trash your online identity, and get a new one.” which goes completely counter to research (ref: danah boyd)
  • Social networking architectures. Whilst not directly related, there are some enterprise level thinkers getting into this space.
  • Call out to me for Microsoft PopFly. Heard it loud and clear, Laurel!
  • Market of ideas. Community is the new Brand.
  • Museums: use SMS to vote for the coolest dead thing.
  • WebJam and AUReMIX07 promo from Laurel and Mike Seyfang
  • 4th Sector Society. eg: Country town farmers getting together when the cows get out. Community contributions to the greater good.

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