Frank Arrigo, Wikipedia

After more discussion than content, Wikipedia has sadly removed the Frank Arrigo entry created by delic8genius, and edited (badly) by my good self.

Objective lessons learnt:

  • social media is not a free-for-all
  • online communities have rules
  • wikipedia does openly publish their rules. These rules and style guide are long. 
  • newbies are left to freely create their own entries
  • strong editorial process quickly clamps down on new entries, especially from newbies
  • wikipedia’s editors have strong rules, all published, and are followed
  • biographies detailing living people are very carefully vetted
  • if you are a blogger and work for a large company, you probably “haven’t done anything of note for the world
  • people’s definition of anything of note differs.

I can now clearly see where a couple of strategies undertaken by fans-of-frank may have come unstuck – albeit with good intent.

It would be interesting to watch wikipedia to see if these rules are evenly applied.

3 thoughts on “Frank Arrigo, Wikipedia”

  1. My observation is that generally they are – even Frank Coletta (the journalist and occasional newsreader) got deleted, although Sally Sara has all but survived.

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