Want to Study Gaming at University?

QuT has a Bachelor of Gaming and Entertainment. Coolness does not begin to explain this course. More than C++, it is also about the social aspects, history, design – the whole works.

Dr Ross Brown and Penny Drennan are really cool: passionate about their areas of expertise (and geeks from deep in their lives) – and pass on this to the next generation of games designers.

4 thoughts on “Want to Study Gaming at University?”

  1. we r grt game lovers but in india we dont find a way.and of corse want to study further.we want to study in australia and we just want ur favour.
    sir please mail us some of the best universities in aus. we r greatly thankfull to u n hope some guidence towards our dreams.
    thank u

  2. we constantly play 4to6 hours a day n have cleared almost2 dowzens of top rated games like -:
    Ghost recon advanced war fighters , tomb raidor legend,splintercell double agent,blood money , gta san andreas.etc.

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