Japan 2.0: Undercover

Yodobashi Games Store

Picture: Yodobashi Camera, Shinjuku, Games Store. Playstation 3, Nintendo Wii.  Maybe something Xbox360. If you look hard enough.


hodgejapanjul07 010

The normal PC “bits” store in in the lower level (B1) of the main store. Here is absolutely anything and everything you will ever need for PC stuff:


hodgejapanjul07 009

Picture: Image, on tree in Shinjuku

Yodobashi Games Store

Picture: Quality merchandise from Japan

hodgejapanjul07 018

Picture: I jump on a busy JR Yamanote from Shinjuku to Tokyo Station. Goal: Imperial Palace Gardens

Polite Japanese for "homeless refuge"

From note in the above picture: “Shelter for People Who Cannot Go Back Home” That is, homeless

Imperial Palace park

Picture: Guard House (old, not new) at Imperial Palace. Note: the guards are not ninjas

Imperial Palace Entrance with Nervous Guards

Picture: This was taken at the Eastern entrance to the Imperial Palace. I loitered around this area as there were many security guys with ear pieces looking nervous. More nervous with a sweaty anglo-saxon guy standing around watching (ie: me). They waved me on, just in case I was a white terrorist intent on doing something evil. I was just interested! Eventually, a car rushed past on this road and everyone returned to normal.