Japan 2.0: Maps

Exits are numbered and are important in the Tokyo subway system. A1-10, B1-12, C1-16. Yes, there are that many exits.

Thankfully the organisers of Japan have nice maps virtually everywhere, and you should not get lost.

hodgejapanjul07 011

hodgejapanjul07 009

hodgejapanjul07 008

Ginza is the home to shopping in brand-name stores. Today we visited the Sony, Nissan, Canon and Apple stores.

After visiting Yodobashi, and the Sony store, I am of the belief that we get the crappiest stuff in Australia. The Toshiba and Sony laptops in Japan are beautiful. In Australia, everything is grey and horrible. The above is a small PC with wireless, bluetooth, TV and a whole bunch of things running in Vista. Do Want! Oh, that’s right. Not in Australia.


hodgejapanjul07 010

Buying food from pictures is one thing, but pharmaceutical items? It’s a hoot – you are likely to get almost anything.


hodgejapanjul07 025

Paul Macartney playing in the Starbucks, Ginza Matsuya-dori is putting everyone to sleep. (note: this Starbucks in now 10 years old!). Why Starbucks? You can taste the distance between the coffee in Japanese coffee. Starbucks is denser.


Funny paper pirates, Canon Store, Ginza

The new Canon store just a way down from the Starbucks has excellent photos, and displays of their devices. Above is a paper model of Pirates. Excellent way of selling more printers, inks and paper.



Nick goes Apple Store, Ginza

And yes, before heading back to the hotel, I visited teh Apple Store Ginza and refrained from purchasing anything. Might get one of them new MacBook Pros when I return to Australia if I can find a new owner for my old one. The store looks a little bare without the iPhone. Way more sales people than customers. Very non-Ginza.