Japan 2.0: Dear Japan…


Dear Japan

I think I really like you as a friend, but I am no longer in love.

It’s not you, it’s me. The love of the new, the unknown, the forbidden is gone.

It is not the great public transport, the very friendly and courteous people. The wall-to-wall shopping.

I am sure we can still be friends.

My third trip to Japan, even with the earthquake and typhoon, was pleasant enough. I think however that to know you better, I would have to move in with you and learn your language. At this stage in my life, it’s a commitment I cannot make. I am just too tired and grumpy for that.

My genes are calling me to follow my DNA back in time. Germany and Scotland call.

This begs the question of why I travelled to Japan in the first place. Good question. I think I should have had a holiday while I was not working.

You have shown me the future: it’s vertical and it’s mobile. Even the geek (otaku) side of Japan was interesting – but not engaging enough unless you like manga, gundam universe and other slices of culture I cannot explain.




Microsoft Office Shinjuku