Some Monday Links

Alivetec (That’s the Gold Coast health gadget guys) go larger than The Geek Stories: ABC’s Good Morning America. MSR + Australian goodness goes really large! A phone that tells you when you are not breathing. W00t!

John Lam gives an update on IronRuby. The first drop is available now. LOLCODE, Ruby, Python. A difficult choice!

Want to step out with Silverlight in Brisbane? Pop me an email and I’ll connect you up.

AMD Dual Core (2007) vs. Mac Plus (1986). Interesting comments on “large software” — as I actually remember using Mac Plus’s for hard work (word processing, spreadsheets) and System6.0.8; I should write up what the Mac could not do in 1986. Meh.  The Mac was only throwing around 22K of graphics (512 x 384 pixels / 8 bits as the Mac was only B&W) ; Word didn’t even repaginate in the background. This Mac could not have TCP/IP’d as there wasn’t enough memory on the logic board (1Mb hardwired, no upgrades) or speed in the SCC (serial controller for the RS423 on the Macs).  An interesting read to see how far we’ve come.