TechEd 2007. Good luck, Frankarr!

teched07 frankarr 002

Bye, bye Mr Developer Guy.

bye bye mr developer guy
bye bye mr developer guy
. Nigel Watson, Finula Crowe and David Safjar surprised and rocked out TechEd with this catchy ditty.

Frank Arrigo, a stalwart of Microsoft Australia is leaving for Microsoft HQ. He’s been kicked upstairs. He’s going to subvert a different hierarchy. Australia’s loss, Microsoft’s gain.  Don’t panic! We have yet to see the full impact of Frank Arrigo on Microsoft. Redmond doesn’t know what it’s imported.

Personally, I am not sad at all. Frankarr and his family is ready for this, and he’s going to have a blast. Frank is still “with us”, just in a different timezone and headzone.

Delic8genius and Andrew Parsons created a wiki:

A one minute video with various people using a single word describing what Frank Arrigo means to them was used a the closing keynote. A labour of love, this single minute took at least 12 hours to create. Including writing the music. It’s been too long between music for me.

So, good luck to all the Arrigo-nauts. Australia will quietly wait here in the clear light of the south Pacific, underneath the Southern Cross for your return.

5 thoughts on “TechEd 2007. Good luck, Frankarr!”

  1. Delic8genius: only rec’d permission from the people in the video for closing note, not internet publication. So, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime show. Nick

  2. My response to your answer to the question from delicate genius would probably contain a four letter profanity. What a shame – I reckon if people don’t opt in for internet publication you should turn the camera off

  3. To be honest, I didn’t ask when getting permission.

    The music I wrote is (cc) licensed 🙂

    The nightmares on so-called “royalty free” music just sucks. Even “podsafe” music rights was largely too restrictive too.

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