Warping Text using Illustrator CS3

Strangely, the most hit page during the most recent week has been my “how-to” warp text with Adobe Illustrator 10.

Adobe, in Illustrator 11, 12 and 13 (aka CS, CS2 and CS3) have dramatically simplified the process of warping text:

Firstly, you have some text in a Text Frame:


Whilst the frame is selected, there is a new button on the Toolbar:


If you select “with warp”, a new dialog box appears:


By clicking the “Preview” button, off you go!

4 thoughts on “Warping Text using Illustrator CS3”

  1. Nice, but not quite as easy to use as AI9 was with Kai’s Power Tools where individual letters could be easily massaged against an outline of a background element. This thing is cumbersome, requires too much guesswork, and doesn’t have anywhere near enough options. And…why are the letterforms all of a sudden no longer paths? It’s nice that the finished product can still be edited, but it makes things very difficult for warping text into complex shapes when distortion is not a desired effect.

    Sigh. Maybe next time Adobe.

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