I was wrong about SecondLife

Last night, a bunch of Aussies met up in SecondLife at the home of Cameron Reilly. Cam owns The Podcast Network, and is always good for a chat.

As a SecondLife n00b, I really hadn’t anywhere to "call home", and the constant typing of conversation left me cold. Heck, I can type and converse in Twitter.

As SecondLife have the voice-chat enabled, suddenly the concept changed. You could sit and converse (or in my case listen, then crash out) with people.

The rebirth of 3D worlds as an immersive social engine might be just around the corner?

5 thoughts on “I was wrong about SecondLife”

  1. It will be what we make of it Uncle Nick. That’s why I love the net. We are in control. Second Life can be as dull and lifeless as we want it to be… or as challenging and invigorating.

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