@dnwallace, SecondLife Engineer

Everything I’ve learnt in SecondLife, I’ve learnt from Uncle Dave Wallace.

There’s a whole bunch you can do that is better done collaboratively (like testing your objects, asking dmb n00bie questions)

And you can also laugh at each other, too.

I mostly hang out in the TPN island. Mebbe I should get a sign and sponsor part of the rent or something. Let’s see if anyone notices this blog entry.

4 thoughts on “@dnwallace, SecondLife Engineer”

  1. Well, I at least noticed it, even if it had nothing for me per se 🙂

    Even though I hear about this second life doodad, I just don’t know… I don’t really see whats in it for me.

    I get WoW, I can level up some character and get the joy of wielding virtual weapons.

    All I know about second life is of the bad element – so, yeah… staying clear.

    As an Aussie IT Guru, what does SL do for you?

  2. Man.

    Can I just say… I got onto it yesterday after your tweet saying how you’d changed your mind about Second Life. And I thought, well if you have, so can I.

    After an hour in there flying around and getting lost I had to lay down on the couch for a couple of hours… I had kinetosis! honestly 😐

  3. Well, I saw it and wasn’t even vanity searching 🙂

    lisa…what’s you av name?

    Dave (who had to look up kinetosis)
    [aka Dave Koi]

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