Updating my Windows Media Center config


For completeness, updating the configuration of my Windows Vista Media Center

  • Installed Vista Ultimate x64 (all drivers found and installed OK, just need to load SATA RAID drivers for Gigabyte motherboard at install time)
  • Upgraded the case, swapped out the 500Gb PATA with a quieter Samsung 500Gb SATA drive (making a total of 4Tb in the house, ouch!)
  • Trying a Leadtek PvR3200 as tuner for Digital TV
  • Using MCE Buddy to transcode to .WMV to place on Windows Home Server
  • Using Window Media Center Extender technology to connect to Xbox 360 on new 42inch LG HD TV
  • 4Gb of RAM taken from General Melchett’s upgrade to 8Gb. My desk now has 17Gb of RAM across 4 computers.

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