Bloggers do get Writer’s Block




This posting on : “64bits. More than 2 times 32” has been in my Windows Live Writer drafts for too long. Sitting there, looking at me.

The topic was easy. I knew I was going to write something about Vista x64. Not that I am the world’s expert: and that was half of the problem. Researching, reading. Trying things out.

Writing it down, well that is another matter.

Some days writing is easy. It just flows. From your brain through the keys. Music going to get a steady rhythm. No-one in the house interrupting your thoughts.

Other days, you are not in the zone. Watch some video. Listen to some Podcasts. Twitter a little. Twitter a lot.

And twitter, my friends, is sucking the words from my brain. That’s it. Twitter is a word-sucking-vampire of thoughts.

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