Tips and Techniques for Presentations

BarCamp Sydney

(photo by JJ)

As presented at BarcampSydney3: 

  • Imagine the best presenter/presentation you have seen
    • This person has practised more than once.
    • plan for the worst case scenario (no projector, laptop nor audience)
  • know audience, topic, environment
    • If you are not comfortable wit the topic, don’t present it
  • Theatre
    • projecting your voice: always stand
    • volume levels: for any audience above 4 people, you need to turn it up a little bit
    • breaking the fourth wall (that is, walk and talk into the audience)
    • Use props.
    • hot vs cold liquids: careful with water as it tightens the vocal chords
  • emotional connection
    • Emotional projection: like voice volume, you need to turn it up a few notches to make an impact 
    • tell stories: humans have brains wired to remember stories and retell them
    • audience involvement: get someone on stage and break the fourth wall
  • referential comedy
    • appropriate humor (think of your audience) is always a good thing to incorporate
    • to help: keep referencing one humourous comment/moment
  • Dealing with the hecklers
    • attention seekers (so give them some attention)
    • or are pained by some experience (divert to post-presentation one on one)
  • always leave your audience wanting more

Thanks, Sridhar, for the positive blog comments. 🙂

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  1. last time i heckled you i got a can of red bull and a microsoft dress shirt – i might just have to come to another presentation!

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