AURemix08 is Here!

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Australian ReMIX08 is here! Sydney is first today. Melbourne in two days time.

And the little Quokkas will make a small appearance in the the keynote. Watch closely, or you will miss them!

Follow me on twitter, or the hashtag #auremix for all the news if you are out there in the intarwebs.

If you are attending, ensure you introduce yourself.

Mark Pesce: Keynoting Australian ReMIX 2008

Taking down Conservapedia

Credit: Darren Sharp

This year’s keynote speaker at Australia’s second ReMIX is Mark Pesce. Like LOLCODE, Mark has his own, well deserved Wikipedia entry:

Australians in the internet community would recognise Mark from his copious writings on freedom, email, free/meshed wireless. He is a thought leader amongst thought leaders in this web-centric world.

I’ve seen Mark present at various conferences through 2007, and have also enjoyed his writings. At ReMIX, Mark will be elevating our imaginations to a higher plane: what may this highly connected future look like?

Microsoft know Mark is going to provide some thought provoking insights.



Tips and Techniques for Presentations

BarCamp Sydney

(photo by JJ)

As presented at BarcampSydney3: 

  • Imagine the best presenter/presentation you have seen
    • This person has practised more than once.
    • plan for the worst case scenario (no projector, laptop nor audience)
  • know audience, topic, environment
    • If you are not comfortable wit the topic, don’t present it
  • Theatre
    • projecting your voice: always stand
    • volume levels: for any audience above 4 people, you need to turn it up a little bit
    • breaking the fourth wall (that is, walk and talk into the audience)
    • Use props.
    • hot vs cold liquids: careful with water as it tightens the vocal chords
  • emotional connection
    • Emotional projection: like voice volume, you need to turn it up a few notches to make an impact 
    • tell stories: humans have brains wired to remember stories and retell them
    • audience involvement: get someone on stage and break the fourth wall
  • referential comedy
    • appropriate humor (think of your audience) is always a good thing to incorporate
    • to help: keep referencing one humourous comment/moment
  • Dealing with the hecklers
    • attention seekers (so give them some attention)
    • or are pained by some experience (divert to post-presentation one on one)
  • always leave your audience wanting more

Thanks, Sridhar, for the positive blog comments. 🙂