Barcamp Melbourne 2008


On Saturday I flew to Melbourne to attend Barcamp.

Very different to the Sydney Barcamp: more FOSS people, more code.

Managed to score a 5 minute slot near the end of the day. After a long day of PHP, eee PCs, Open XML and other depthful things – and being the last official presenter before beer-o-clock (kindly sponsored by Microsoft) there was a distinct lack of lulz. Time for – LOLCODE!

When asked if the next revision of Windows is based on LOLCODE, I had to sadly admit the answer is no. However, future Windows: who knows?

Adam Lindsay (Mr LOLCODE) on LOLCODE at TechEd

Adam Lindsay, the guru who had the genius idea of LOLCODE and its BDFL (see another esoteric language, Python for a definition of BFDL) has found out about Microsoft’s plan to take over the world with LOLCODE.

I can has video of this event, and will be encoding and uploading somewhere within a week or so.

Joel Pobar is one of those Australian .Net/C#/CLR gurus, and I am eternally grateful for his assistance and added weight in my presentation.

Next week at WebJam in Perth I’ll also be presenting LOLCODE, and For the LOLz.

The more people that get involved, the greater chance we have a language across all environments: not just Microsoft’s.

It’s time for me to de-lurk from the forums and actively help the community make a language. LOL.

BTW @atl, we had fun and lots of LOLZ.