EEE.TV via Bigpond NextG

As a recent fan of micro-TV stations, and live podcasting audiences; and as an owner of an ASUS EEE PC, it was time to join the dots.


After installing the Bigpond Next G software for the USB card I own (note: this is the slower NextG as well) over to and broadcast away.

This makes an ultra-small, ultra-inexpensive and ultra-mobile micro TV broadcast system in-a-box.

Below is a 6 minute sample recording from earlier today.

Bandwidth use? About 1Mb/minute upload video+audio.

6 thoughts on “EEE.TV via Bigpond NextG”

  1. TV quality and audio is pretty good, I’ve not tried the EeePC yet for recording, I just sort of expected it wouldn’t be great

  2. so where the ‘f’ is the link to the download.
    (what did you find? – pls share).

    Or do we need to wait for the hacks to provide a decent service where we can choose to download what format we want (incl .mp3 audio, .mov, .wmv .m4v .3gp etc) with server side conversions done for free.

    like would do if it ever worked.

    Stay of the ankle and stop teasing us with yer fancy telescope and yer photosynth (speaking of which I have a munge.idea re commodity dna scanners and all that stuff)


  3. @duncanriley — newer ASUS have 1.3 megapixel cameras. Listening to the recording, I think a better microphone would make it sound better; along with better lighting in the recording area.

    Apart from that, it is an interesting little mobile setup concept.

    Don’t know if I’d ever use it in production, but its fun to experiment anyway.

  4. Just banging on about my fave gripe / opportunity. Good UI for downloads with server side encoding of your choice.

    Speaking of which does a pretty decent job (when it works – very alpha). The RSS feed from delivered .3gp downloads to my reader automagically. Nice.


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