Hello Photosynth, Love from Australia.

I live only 5 minutes away from the most awesome vista in the world: the Sydney Harbour.

Now you can experience the Harbour on a not-so-sunny day (that is, this morning) thanks to Microsoft Photosynth (note: Mac users: we’re working on it. In the current term, you will need to Bootcamp to see Photosynths. The VMWare Fusion guys say that their Beta 2 of Fusion 2.0 works OK with Photosynth)

Photosynth is available for public creation of synths. Grabs some photos of an object or place, and synth them.

For fun, I also added a synth of “Rambo”, The Big Merino from Goulburn, NSW.

The on10.net Shutterspeed episode has an interview with the Photosynth team.

4 thoughts on “Hello Photosynth, Love from Australia.

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  2. Damian Damjanovski

    The Photosynth site is down! grr… Cannot wait to see it once it’s back up.

  3. Nick Hodge Post author

    Normal first-24-hour-cycle scale to massive interest issues.

    Thankfully, the Photosynth team are surprised by the interest, but have architected in a way that enables them to scale up. Although not instantaneously :-)

  4. jnnywllms

    Photosynth is a discovery, information-extraction, normalization, input and automated modeling tool that will be important for various things. There are already several synths on the Photosynth website to view them. It doesn’t look like a competing project to Photosynth.

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